Impossible odds? I doubt it.

•March 30, 2008 • Leave a Comment

   I created this blog as an attempt to keep myself accountable. It is a weight-loss blog, but I plan to write about more than that. 

    A little about me. I’m a female in my mid 20’s. All my life I’ve been thin. From elementary school to high school I was teased for my small frame. People called me ‘Skinny Bone Jones’, told me I could hula hoop with a cheerio, etc. That teasing always hurt me and it came from the mouths of kids who were either normal weight, or overweight. After high school, I met a guy, starting taking birth-control pills and anti-depressants and started gaining weight. The one blessing was that my previously flat chest grew quite nicely. It took me three years to put on an excess 20 lbs and I can’t completely blame the birth-control or the anti-depressants. I got engaged and let myself go. I started eating portions of food similar to what my fiancee (and eventually husband) ate.

    We eventually divorced and I continued to put on another 20 lbs. I’ve tried a few diets, and I know that nothing short of a complete lifestyle change is going to work. Luckily, I already have a good handle on getting to the gym 5-6 days out of the week. About two weeks ago I started adding weight training to my cardio workouts.

    The gym is not an issue for me. I love it! The problem is that I love food, too.